How to contact Webcontext and Martin Schaffner

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Martin Schaffner
Hardfeldstrasse 45
4600 Olten, Switzerland

Phone: +41 62 296 07 00


About Webcontext and Martin Schaffner

Webcontext is run by Martin Schaffner in Olten, Switzerland. He works with partners who provide good service and meet high quality standards.
Webcontext prefers to deliver simple solutions rather than making big promises.
We stay within our estimates and we deliver on time.
And if customers have a problem with their websites, they can be sure not to get lost in an endless loop of a call center lines or big company bureaucracy.


Graphical designer René Meier in Olten, Switzerland.

Kamil Kuzminski not only is a brilliant developer, he also is an important pillar of international Contao community.

Swiss Photographer Patrick Lüthy's Photo Agency